shhs foreign exchange students

Sylvan Hills High School is so excited to host eight (8) students from five (5) different countries for the 2021-2022 school year. 

These students received special recognition during Foreign Exchange Student Week November 15 - November 19.  They were interviewed for a presentation that was shared with the entire student body during the weekly announcements. Additionally, all Sylvan Hills High students learned some "fun facts" about each country where the foreign exchange students live.

Principal Tracy Allen purchased flags from each of the five countries to hang in the cafeteria this year. In addition to the five home countries of this year's foreign exchange students, there are three flags from the home countries of SHHS students who immigrated to the U.S.  Overall, Sylvan Hills High has flags from eight (8) different countries hanging in the cafeteria.

In addition to the flags, Mr. Romaine ordered shirts from each of the five countries represented this year at Sylvan Hills. He wore a shirt each day of the week during Foreign Exchange Week as well as other times so far this school year. What a great way to welcome and show support for these students!