SHHS football

SHERWOOD, Ark. -- Seniors on Sylvan Hills High School football team shared a special thank you with teachers on Friday, September 24. 

As part of a senior tradition, the football players handed out their jersey to a teacher who has had an impact on their life. We’re thankful for all the hard work our teachers do! 

Xavier Okafor with Ms. Stewart

Jayson Roberts with Mr. Dupins

Carlos Greer with Ms. Chamblee

TJ Jasper with Mrs. Rice

Matthew Spencer with Mrs. Thomas

Tyler Pearson with Ms. Stewart

Blake Carter with Coach James

Jakobi Kones with Mrs. Verdell

Geraldo Almazan with Ms. Brooks

Orrin Bosnick with Mr. Scroggins

EJ Scales with Mr. Olberts

Derrick Smith with Ms. Malone