Expectations for student dress are clearly outlined in the PCSSD dress code policy identified below.  It is understood; however, that building principals have the discretion to determine “a mode of dress that disrupts the educational process.” While it is impossible to identify all modes of dress that might be considered disruptive, it is the intent of PCSSD to provide parents and students as much clarity as possible regarding proper attire.

The following items are examples of what PCSSD believes is needed to ensure order and consistency:

1. No sagging.
2. Pants, jeans, or shorts with tears or fraying above mid-thigh must have clothing underneath.
3. Leggings, spandex, jeggings, tights, yoga pants, or any other similar tight fitting
bottoms MUST be covered with a dress, skirt, shorts or shirt that is no shorter than mid-thigh.
4. Any shorts, dresses, or skirts worn with or without leggings must be no shorter than mid-thigh.
5. Revealing clothing (transparent, midriff, holes, backless, low cut blouses, spaghetti straps) is not acceptable.
6. Sleepwear or pajamas are not acceptable.
7. Shoes are required to be worn at all times.
8. Spike jewelry, chains, and hair picks are not permitted.
9. Head coverings and sunglasses must be taken off upon entering the school and left in the
lockers. Medical exceptions require written approval from a school administrator.

ALL STUDENTS MUST WEAR IDENTIFICATION BADGES ATALL TIMES DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. Students will not be allowed in the classroom without an ID. The ID badges must be worn around the neck on a grade appropriate, school-issued lanyard and must be visible. Students are not to mutilate ID badges, i.e. cutting, chewing, taping, painting, adding decorations, or stickers, etc. If the name, photo, and color strips are not visible, the student will need to purchase a new ID immediately. The cost of the ID badge is $3, and the cost of the lanyard is $2. Students who do not display their ID badge around their necks are subject to a D-HALL at any time.

● Temporary ID badges can be bought from 8:15 A.M. until the first bell rings for $1 with no
disciplinary consequence.
● Any student needing to obtain a temporary ID badge after the first bell rings will result in a D-Hall. The temporary ID badge must be attached to upper outer garments where it can be seen at all times.

Please visit with your students to ensure they understand the expectations.